Wednesday 23 April 2014

15. Motion Charts

Watch this video

Then make your own motion charts by either writing code, or better still simply using Google Docs.

was created with data on Tata Group stock prices from Quandl and residing on this Google Docs sheet

Monday 3 March 2014

14. IBM Many Eyes

Many Eyes is another excellent tool that allows you to create very nice vizualizations that you can publish like this.

This visualisation was done by following this tutorial and using text of Vivekananda's at Chicago taken from this website. You can also explore other types of visualisations using the same data.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

13. Google Fusion Tables - Tutorial

Google Fusion tables is an excellent free tool that allows you to create visualisations very easily. This map shows the locations of Airports in India. To understand how this was done, please follow this tutorial.

Here is another tutorial that shows how to turn spreadsheets into interactive maps, and here is a a workshop on Google Fusion Tables.

Thursday 13 February 2014

12 Tableau - Getting Started

Tableau is an extremely powerful tool to create beautiful visualizations without having to bother about writing any kind of code.  It is a "pure" drag and drop tool that is ideal for all those who are allergic to programming. Unfortunately, Tableau is neither free, nor open source. But unlike SAS and other snooty products, Tableau very kindly offers us a free public version that you can download. To get started with Tableau, you can try out this tutorial and walk through to the end, you would be able to create beautiful charts that you host -- but only publicly -- at on your website, like this !

or this

Here are some more relevent resources
1. A set of data files that you can practice with.
2. A tutorial with good data from General Social Survey
3. A quick start guide with corresponding data from Super Store.
4. A white paper from Tableau on Which Chart is Right for You !
New Resources added in Jan 2016
5. Tekslate Tutorial on Tableau - including interview questions
6. Analytics Vidhya Introduction to Tableau
7. MuLin Tutorial -- quite nice